Can a parent put a tracker on their child’s car?




Trackerks are notorious for being used, I think, to follow the alleged unfaithful spouse. It is legal to do that if the car is marital property, until one of the parties either files a Domestic Violence Injunction (restraining order) or a Petition for divorce. Once either of those two happen, a spouse’s assumed consent is revoked. It is also very tempting to put a tracker on a wayward teenager’s car,  but you can only do so legally in certain situations. If the child’s name is not on the car and only the parents, then there is no question you can put a tracker on it. If the car is in the minor child’s name, you can still place the tracker but with certain limitations. Those limitations are as follows:

1.     The parents or legal guardians are lawfully married to each other and are not separated or otherwise living apart, and either parent or legal guardian consents to the installation of the tracking device or tracking application;
2. The parent or legal guardian is the sole surviving parent or legal guardian of the minor child;
3. The parent or legal guardian has sole custody of the minor child; or
4. The parents or legal guardians are divorced, separated, or otherwise living apart and both consent to the installation of the tracking device or tracking application.
Violation of this statute is a second degree misdemeanor in the state of Florida, punishable by either 60 days in the county jail or 6 months probation.