What can entitle a parent to sole custody?

Well if you believe Angelina Jolie, it is when the other parent yells at the children.  Sole custody or sole parental responsibility as Florida calls it, is normally reserved for those parents who are bad parents. I don’t mean just a parent who doesn’t come to every ball game or recital, but a parent who is violent or completely absent, as in one who does not have either the desire or ability to make decisions about their children. The saga that is unraveling between the Pitt’s is one that is all too common. One parent alleges abuse and the Department of Children and Families steps in to investigate. While I have seen abuse cases, I have also seen bogus attempts by a parent to use the system to their advantage unnecessarily.

The standard in Florida, at least, allows shared parental responsibility for most parents. It provides the ability for each parent to be informed about major issues in the child’s life, and to have input into the major decisions affect them. One myth, shared parental responsibility has no bearing on timesharing. One parent can have timesharing every every other weekend, but still have shared parental responsibility.